The benefits of 'Peptides' and incorporation in your skincare

The benefits of 'Peptides' and incorporation in your skincare

Peptides for skin
A new ingredient or product or an entire new fad skincare is introduced to the world, with the emergence of rapid demand. Said to change your skin overnight, some ingredients just create more hype than action, but then there are some ingredients, which arrive to stay, and stay for good! Peptides are one such ingredient you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Peptides are incorporated in some of your skincare products and needed to boost collagen production and intensify it. Made of amino acids, peptides make up for proteins needed by the skin for a supple and smooth look. Collagen, for example, is made up of a chain of three polypeptides. Hence, increasing Peptides in your skincare will ultimately lead to amplification of Collagen.

However, Collagen is a larger molecule, and difficult to penetrate in the skin. Peptides do the work here, get absorbed in the skin and boost Collagen production more easily.

Some benefits of Peptides are:

- Smooths out fine lines and wrinkles
With Collagen stimulation, the saggy skin plumps out. Ultimately filling out any persisting fine lines and wrinkles, making the skin smoother and firmer.

- Improves skin barrier
Skin barrier is the epidermis, the body's natural defence barrier against bacteria, pollution particles, dust, smoke, sun exposure, and multiple other toxins which would otherwise harm the skin. Peptides help replenish and enhance the damaged skin barrier,

Increasing Peptides in your skincare will ultimately lead to amplification of Collagen and Elastin. Elastin fibers in return help to make the skin more supple, firmer, and tighter.

Peptides freely and easily get absorbed in the skin, because of the size of their molecules. So they get absorbed in skin and work their magic from deep within.

Choosing the right peptide products!
Because of its multitude of benefits, Peptides are infused in a number of skincare products today, generally as a hero ingredient.
Picking the right form -
The duration for which Peptides stay on your skin is the key. So, using cleansers loaded with peptides (as it is rinsed off within seconds) would not show effective results as a serum or a cream would deliver.

Ways to enhance the effects of Peptides -
Peptides work best when you pack it in with the right life style choices. Eat nutritious food, avoid oily and fat laden food, get enough exercise and sun exposure. Stress minimisation with yoga/ meditation and sleep.

Being the building blocks of the protein crucial to maintain skin health, Peptides lead to firmer skin, elasticated barrier, and flawless skin. but the best way to seek out the best suited product for your skin, is to run a patch test before introducing it to your skincare regimen.